I can't thank you enough for making our party such a success! You were absolutely fabulous!!!! The band made the party!! Everyone loved dancing and the high energy of the band made everyone want to dance all night. Not bad for a bunch of 60 year olds!!!!

Ellen Weiner

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding celebration. I knew RunAvrilRun was awesome but you completely exceeded my expectations! You were incredibly accommodating and tolerant of our crazy guests and requests and I am so appreciative! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Megan E. Jones

Thank you guys very much for playing our wedding. We have had a ton of compliments on how great you guys were and how well the night flowed. You all truly made the night special for us and we will always be appreciative for that. We will continue to do our best to spread the word of Run Avril Run.

Tom Cammock

Thank you so much for making our night so memorable and awesome!! We heard nothing but great things about the band and the music you picked. We're happy to recommend you to anyone in the future as well.

Jillian and Udi

I cannot thank you enough!! Our wedding (Tievsky/Koren) was unbelievable!! We are flooded with emails, phone calls, and texts about how amazing it was! WE HAD SUCH A BLAST!! Extra thanks for staying and keeping the party going until after 1!! :)

Dana Tievsky

Avril, thanks for making our wedding celebration (Tievsky/Koren) an absolute blast which exceded our wildest expectations. You and the band were fantastic - better than ever - and kept the dance floor filled for the entire party until 2 AM. The new top 40s stuff was terrific and even kept the oldies crowd dancing all night.

Andrew Tievsky

We are back from our honeymoon and I had to write you to say thank you SO very much for everything you and your band did to make our wedding reception absolutely perfect!! Thank you for learning the songs, for doing such a great job announcing all of us, and for playing such unbelievable sets!! You guys are so good and it was such a treat to have you as our wedding band! Our family and friends have been raving about you and we couldn't agree more - you are the best band in Cleveland!! I hope you had fun and enjoyed yourselves as much as we all enjoyed you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart...you were a pleasure to work with!!

Claudia Jeffries

Avril --

You and your band are absolutely outstanding! We are so glad you played at our daughter's wedding at Landerhaven on July 17th. Run Avril Run is the best band in Cleveland. The band was just tremendous. The band did such a great job on the bride and groom's song and on the bride and father of the bride's song. Every song the band played was just excellent. You made the wedding reception so much fun! And, thanks too for announcing the wedding party, and the toasts, and the special dances, and the throwing of the bouquet, etc. You did a great job.

It was such a pleasure working with you and your band, Avril. Your band is really first class. I have told all my friends, "if you want to have a great wedding, then be sure that your wedding band is Run Avril Run."

Run Avril Run -- the "pride of Cleveland!"

Thanks so much, Avril, for making my daughter's wedding so great! You are the best!

Clarence Jeffries ("Jeff")

You guys were UNREAL at our wedding. All night long I recieved compliments about the band. You kept everyone out on the dance floor! It was great that my Dad was able to sing me a song on my wedding day, sorry that the Lake Erie Coaches highjacked your microphone, but I thought i was hilarious....Hope you had as much fun as we did!!! We just referred you to another couple as well....See ya at the boneyard when we get back from the honeymoon!!! xoxoxo We love you!!

(And, for learning and playing all of our songs we wanted to hear, you don't miss a beat) You were so great to work with!!!

Christine and Brett Weidig :)

cindy and i can't thank you enough for an amazing wedding last sunday!!! we (and our parents) have had so many comments about how great and fun the band was!

even though the party ended relatively early (due largely to the sunday night time, people having to go to work the next day, get kids from babysitters, or catch early flights the next day), everything was awesome, as was proven by the constantly crowded dance floor (even my parents danced the whole night, and they don't dance!!!).

The Hora was perfect, the "First Dance" was perfect (wasn't Cindy's nephew awesome!?!?), and you guys even let me play drums (at the end...thankfully)!!!

and todd did a wonderful job with the ceremony music--exactly what we were looking for!!!

you rock so much and we can't thank you enough for all you did to make our wedding/reception an amazing celebration!!!

Michael Freeman

Hi Avril,

Just wanted to say you were great! I didn't get to see you before you left. Everyone had so much fun! Wish you could have played all night. Everyone danced so much we are all still sore. It's so funny. Thank's so much.


Hi Avril-

I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic evening this past Saturday. It was everything I dreamed of. I loved your versions of Forever Young and Thank You For Loving Me. Forever Young was just amazing. It gave me goose bumps.

You did a great job of keeping everyone on the dance floor.

Everyone I have spoken to said that you were great or "the band was amazing" etc.

We all loved you!

Thanks again


I just wanted to tell you how awesome your band is!!! I love listening to you guys. U guys play the best music. I had so much fun this past Saturday night at the Boneyard!!!! I can't wait to hear you guys play again. Thanks for the shirt. Keep up the great work!!!!!!


This note is long overdue, but we wanted to thank you for everything you and the band did to make our wedding a success. You were amazing! From the very beginning you were great to work with and we are beyond appreciative of everything you did for us. We know we did not give you a lot of lead time to learn the extra songs and are grateful that you were able to do so. You kicked off the night with "Let's Get It Started" and kept the crowd going all night. We can't tell you how many of our guests have told us how great you were - you made the party! We had an amazing time at our wedding and know what we owe it to you. We hope you had a good time as well!

Thanks again for everything!

Ami & Joshua

you were absolutely fantastic and you, personally are unbelievable. where do you get that energy? everyone had such a great time. everyone loved your band. and it was so impressive how people danced all night long. sooooooooooooooo much fun for the guests.

Myra Landau

Thank you so much for performing at the Band-Aid Bash on October 18! We so appreciate you taking the time to play in the Music Hall. I heard so many terrific things about your performance from the guests all night long!
Thanks so much for supporting MedWish.

Stephanie Jansky

i just want you to know that you made our wedding fabulous. you guys are really amazing--and even surpassed my expectations (which is hard to do!!). we all loved you. so, thank you for making the evening so special.

Sara Wald

We will do promoting here (Cincinnati) for you. Your band was the perfect choice for Ami and Josh's wedding. You were FUN and everyone had a great time. Their wedding was perfect and the band was their #1 priority - all of you filled the bill!!!

Char and Michael Glassman

Steve and I are back from the honeymoon (and back at work). I wanted to tell you how much we loved having you at the wedding. We got such amazing reviews of the band! We even have friends in Chicago who are talking about trying to hire you the next time they need a band. Just wanted to pass along all the rave reviews.

Jen Streem Ozan

You and your band are awesome!!! Thank you so much for everything. I can't tell you how much fun Mark and I had and how many people told me how fantastic you are.

Tara Steinberg

I (we) want to thank you and the band so much for the amazing performance last month at our wedding. From the moment we spoke, last May, you were nothing but accommodating and professional.

We loved the Neil Diamond medley and my friends/family got such a kick out of it. It actually brought a lot of folks to the dance floor. (who were only sitting b/c their feet hurt).

I especially LOVED the Kelly Clarkson song at the end. Yes, not a traditional wedding song, but we loved it, not just anyone can hit those notes!

Your "MCing" was impeccable. You followed our queues and kept the party flowing beautifully. The band and music have a lot to do with the mood of a wedding. We got so many compliments on how much fun everyone had. Many of the Chicago folks said you were right up there in quality with the Chicago 20 piece bands. I say better! Your energy throughout the entire night was amazing! As a side note, many of Perry's friends are still talking about how cute you are.

Lastly, it's hard, as a bride, to really take in everything that is going on throughout the wedding night. Often pictures are the best way to recall how the night unfolded with the mood etc. I would say 1/4 of the pictures taken by our friends and the professional photographer are of people (including me) with arms in the air, jumping, dancing and looking crazy. It was all because of you. I know a lot of your business comes from recommendations, pictures and your video dvd. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know! I am happy to forward digital pictures and am definitely spreading the word.

Thank you so much for making our wedding reception the most fun event to ever hit Northeastern Ohio.

Candace & Perry Meyers

The band and you were incredible! A GREAT time was enjoyed by all. We've received great compliments from our guests about the band. You were a real home run. Thanks again.

Rich and Michelle Long

You were awesome on Friday!!!!! Any girl who can rock out to Sweet Child of Mine the way you did must be celebrated!!! What a great show!

Elissa Wuliger

you and the band were fantastic!!!!!!!! i have been getting a ton of phone calls and my friends and the kids (I mean mr & mrs jeffrey heuermans) friends just thought you guys were the best. thank you thank you for a job very well done. you were a pleasure to work with from start to finish!!! if you ever need a reference or ANYTHING at all just call. thank you again . . . please tell your band how much they are appreciated.


Just wanted to say you guys look great in the friday magazine pic. Wish you luck with your shows this weekend. It has been a few weeks since we have seen a show, and I look forward to seeing you play again soon, it is always such a fun filled night. I tell everyone how great you are, and there have been many people converted to fans. I will definetly keep an eye on your schedule

Bill & Jordanne

I just wanted to thank you again for making my niece, Holly’s Bachlorette party so great. All the girls had such a fabulous time. They loved you and the rest of the band. The pictures are awesome. It is a great way for my sister, Holly’s mom, who lives in North Carolina to be able to see how much fun all three of her daughters were having. Thanks again to you and the band for making her night so special and memorable. I really appreciate all you did to make it happen. Can’t wait to see you again soon.

Nancy Fisco Miller

I recently seen your show on 3/4/06- at the 356 fighter group. It was Fantastic. You all are the best entertainers I have seen in a long long time.

Eric Allison

Last night was awesome!! I was nervous that the crowd was not ready for a band, but they proved me wrong!! You guys were so amazing!! I couldn't believe how full the dance floor was!!! Everybody is talking about "The Band". Everyone kept asking about you guys last night - you definetly blew everyone away!!!! The songs you played from beginning to end were perfect!!! Thank you for making us look good - you guys have so much energy - i just can't believe it!!!

Angela Klodnick

Dear Run Avril Run,

We know that this letter is coming very late, and we apologize for that. However, we would really like to formally thank you for being such a huge part of the most important day of our lives. The band will always be remembered and talked about by every single person that attended our wedding. You guys were absolutely amazing. Thank you for learning the songs that we requested. It really showed us that you were not just any other wedding band, but we knew that already. We look forward to seeing you many more times in the future. Thank you for helping to make our dreams come true!

Greg and Katey Hellickson

I just wanted to say you guys are totally ace! Saturday night rocked, thanks for a great night in Cleveland. Free Bird!!!!!

Jeff Taggart (the Scottish bloke)

You guys totally ruled it this past saturday. I will definitely be catching your show again. I do show up in the gallery looking really bad while playing tambourine. It was fun watching you bring my friend up on stage and nickname him Phillipe. Can't wait for the next show.


Who Says You Can't Get your Groove on at COWBOY!!!!

All I can say is you guys were on FIIIIIIRE!!! It was like a mini rave-just when one killer song ended another one started.

PS-who would think Sweet Caroline is such a rocking dance tune-thanx for sharing the stage w/me!!!

Lisa Rosinski

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your band members for such a good performance at Cabanna Jacks. I would have thanked you personally that night had I have had the opportunity, however since I didn't I will now. I was a part of the group of firefighters whose table you got up and danced on during the first part of the show, very impressive I might add. My partner has now refused to wash his ball cap ever again. As well my other partner was the one who you danced with while singing The First Cut is the Deepest, (He is still in shock by the way) We thought it was the alcohol, but since it hasn't worn off, we figure it was you!.. lol. Like I said, from all of the Liberty Township Firefighters in attendance, Thank-you and keep up the good work!!!!

Mickey, Jason, and Chad

Hello Run Avril Run!

We were with the Firefigthers group this past weekend and have to say...."You Were Awesome!" Truly, we were very impressed with you sound and versatility.

April Wenck

Hi Avril!

Great performance Friday night! I am glad that I know a "star."! Please put me on your mailing list, and let me know if you ever make it out this way (i.e. Northern New Jersey, or New York).

David Heller


On behalf of the Gruttadauria and Chamberlain families,we would like to thank each of you for your outstanding efforts to make Kristen's and Ryan's wedding day a memory of a lifetime.

Attached are photos of 1) a very beautiful bride and 2)playful newlyweds.

We are all still basking in the glow of the experience!

Vito & Bonnie Gruttadauria

Hey Avril, I just wanted to let you and the band know how much our family enjoyed you and your band at my step sister's wedding this past August. We had a really good time and really enjoyed the music. It was a fun evening. Everyone at the wedding was talking about how good the band was. We hope to catch the band at one of your upcoming events.

Thanks for a great evening!

Karen Lee

Again – thank you seems WAY insignificant. We had a BLAST and have only hear raving from our guests about you and the band!

Caryn Weinberg

I have wanted to send you a thank you since the wedding I know that I am a last minute Charlie and I so apologize. Kate and Greg’s wedding was outstanding because of the music, cake and ceremony. Thank you, thank you thank you. The heat was unbearable and you guys were awesome.

Thank you for loving us enough to perform I hope you dance you were incredible. We will follow you guys anywhere you know what never to old to be a groupie.

Thank you so much again for sharing your talents again with us always look forward to seeing you and the guys.

I hope that you will sing I hope you dance.

Teri Blakeley-Leta

Avril!!! What can I say you guys never disappoint! Not to mention you let us crazy women up on stage. The pics are great from Ricks. Thank you for a fabulous nite of killer music!!!

Lisa Rosinski

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome band you guys are. I saw you for the 1st time on Thursday at the opening of Boneyard and hope to make it up to see you again tonight. Your vocals and energy are amazing. I love the variety of music you do as well.

I have been telling all my friends how great you guys are. You definitely made a fan out of me.!

Heidi Birch

We cannot say enough about how pleased we were with Run Avril Run for our wedding reception. When I heard them play out at a bar, I remember stopping and thinking to myself. This is the Band I Want!

At our wedding reception, during the dinner and introductions they were extremely classy. The music was tasteful and they did not use any "phony" props like some "typical wedding bands" do. The dance floor was packed from the moment the food was cleared from the tables until they were kicking us out of the hall. Avril had everyone from my youngest cousins to my grandmas on the floor all at once with everyone singing along. In fact, I didn't even bustle my train because I wanted to be there every minute the band was playing and people were dancing. Even though Run Avril Run made the wedding, they were careful to not steal the show. We knew we made the right choice when at the end of the night, all the remaining guests, chanted "One More Song, One More Song." We would choose them all over again!

Melanie and Steve Spicer

We had seen Run Avril Run several times before our wedding and we just knew that they would make our wedding the celebration we always wanted. It was fun, energetic, and everyone was dancing the entire night! We had a blast and know that the band was a huge part of keeping the party going. Thanks guys!

Jaime and Rob Lurie

If you are planning a wedding or any other party, Run Avril Run is the best band you can hire. They have so much energy and play the best music - you won't want the party to end!

Elissa and Nathan Zegura

Run Avril Run MADE our wedding! We'd been to so many weddings and heard the same stuff everywhere. Run Avril Run was different! They were so exciting and engaging and had everyone dancing and on their feet all night, slow and fast. They appealed to all ages. Even my grandparents and their friends were on their feet all night. People STILL talk about our wedding band. Now THAT'S a wedding to remember.

Allyson Morris