Run Avril Run has been rocking wedding dance floors for over 12 years. Whether it's the Motown, disco, and standards you expect to hear, or the Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, 80s and current dance hits you WANT to hear our extensive song list will keep the dance floor at your reception packed all night long!

So what's the Run Avril Run difference? It's actually pretty simple. We have years of experience playing weddings and private events as a band that is operated completely by it's members. We're more than a collection of musicians put together for an evening. What that means to you is that we have an unrivaled amount of flexibility in helping you realize your vision. Here's what we mean:

  • Run Avril Run's song list is huge. We play everything from Motown, disco, and standards to current hits, 80s music and rock. We pride ourselves on being able to read the ever changing energy of a wedding dance floor. We can switch gears on a dime to make sure your guests are have a blast. And with us, it's a continual process that lasts all night. While it appears that we're having fun -- and trust us, we are -- we're working hard to keep the party going!
  • We are high-energy, fun and interactive. Depending on your guests and the energy in the room, we're happy to engage your friends by getting off the stage and onto the dance floor or even having your friends get up and be silly with us on stage - this usually occurs late in the evening :). But equally as important, we also know when NOT to do this.
  • We don't watch the clock and do 45 minute sets with 15 minute breaks. We usually play about an hour and a half or an hour and forty five mins before breaking (and only break when our drummer thinks his arms may fall off). When we DO break, it's short and we provide very fun UPBEAT dance music (via Ipod) so that no one leaves the dance floor.
  • We are happy to learn songs that are special to you and your family.
  • We sit down with you beforehand and help you punch out an itinerary for your event that WORKS. We can do this in conjunction with wedding planners or just with you. Avril then MC's the night, keeping things running smoothly so that you and your families can relax and enjoy the fun.
  • Most importantly, we come to your reception with one purpose: to make sure you and your guests have an evening of memories that will last a lifetime. Every wedding reception is different. Run Avril Run isn't bound to a formula, so we can approach your wedding reception as the unique experience it is. Your job? Bring the guests. Our job? Bring the party.